The Start of a New Career


Bloomin’ eck has it really been a month since my last post?! Oops.

Thankfully things should be back to normal now.

I had a great couple of weeks seeing family who are working in both Singapore and Thailand. It was a fantastic break with lots of sightseeing, eating and drinking.

Thailand’s islands and beaches are beautiful and the city is a sprawling, mad and busy metropolis. Singapore is completely different, wonderfully clean and easy and if I could, I would happily move there tomorrow. Everyone in both countries were extremely friendly and relaxed, which made for a relaxing holiday despite doing as much as we could fit in.

Also despite of the eating (food was fantastic and cheap – there wasn’t a meal I did not like) and drinks – not only did I actually come back the same weight but had even dropped a little (0.2% – lol) body fat!!  I was amazed, but think it was down to the heat, increase in water intake, the sheer amount of walking we did as well as the fact that 2 out of the 3 places we stayed had a gym……   that I actually used !!  This was something I had never contemplated previously, but proved to be excellent as it gave me something to do on a morning whilst waiting on the other half to wake-up, and they were all set-up brilliantly. Although they were small, they were perfectly formed with all the cardio machines you could want, free weights and more – I was a little jealous but it got me to thinking about what I could do with a small space if I was to eventually set up my own place !

Needless to say when I got back I couldn’t wait to start my Fitness Instructor course – in spite of the holiday blues while I was at work.

Although I had missed the first week, the tutor was welcoming and it seemed I wasn’t the only one who had missed it – but at least I was prepared and had read through the first chapter of the course book while on the plane.

Tuesday’s are class-room based – learning anatomy, physiology, programming etc with Wednesdays being gym based, learning stretches, equipment, exercises and so on.

The other “pupils” are a bit of a mixed bag, who are on Exercise to Music, Sports Massage and other courses, so the age spread is quite large which is good – though I am the 2nd oldest for the Gym Instructor course – ha ha ha – but I had a feeling I would be and though I am certainly not the fittest, I don’t feel out-of-place… thankfully.

Hopefully, I might make some acquaintances through it – being the first week some seem a little stand-offish especially the young “alpha male” types, but hopefully that will pass as the course moves on.

This week we’ve learnt about the major bones and joints, introducing yourself and how to instruct/coach form on pre-stretches and how to instruct the use of a couple of the cardio machines. It feels like a lot and we’ve even been given homework! First Assessment is in just 4 weeks !!  Argh!

I’m really enjoying it though and feel that it truly is the start of a new career which feels extremely exciting – it still feels a long way off before I can do this as a career but it’s just that little bit closer.