Do you REALLY hate exercise………?


I think we all know by now the benefits of exercise – improving your health, reducing risks of heart disease, as well as kerbing obesity to name a few –  but despite this you may be one of those people that says they hate exercise…..
But do you really hate exercise – I mean REALLY?
What I think you’re doing, is either making excuses, or it’s a particular form of exercise that you don’t like – so this week I’m going to try and persuade you otherwise…..
It Takes Too Long!
One of the biggest excuses is time – you have to get to the gym, get changed, spend 30-60 mins working out, then shower, change and get home again. This could be 2 hours on a good day and it is time that you could be doing more fun or useful stuff! Fair enough, the , recommended amount of daily excercise is half an hour, but if you’ve not done that much before, or thinking about how on earth you can try to carry on with this for the foreseeable future, it can be a little daunting – so why not start small! 5-10 mins a day is a great place to start and you can slowly build it up from there. Everyone can fit in at least 5 minutes (it works out at 0.5% of your day if you woke at 7am and went to bed at 10pm even working out for an hour is just 6.5%)  and since we’re starting small you can do it at home or at work and there’s no need to get changed saving you even more time 😉
I’ve Got Too Much To Sort Out!
Maybe you’re  someone that thinks they are simply not ready to start an exercise programme – whether that’s due to a lack of motivation or for the need to have other things in order first (like new trainers or needing to do a list of chores) and you’re sure you should be giving exercise 100% of your attention?
The ting is, if you want to do exercise then the motivation is there, so it’s not the motivation that’s stopping you – it’s the perceived “obstacles” that you are using as a delay tactic.
It’s a bit like when you’re trying to eat healthily, but someone at work brings in cakes- you have one as it would be rude not to, so since you’ve now broken your diet, you might as well start tomorrow….
but how long will this “getting ready” take? If you think about it, knowing the benefits it can bring, rather than putting it off and neglecting your health and well-being – surely eating well and doing some exercise is something you should be starting right now?
It’s Boring!
It might be that you think exercise is boring and being honest some form can be! Personally I can’t think of anything more boring than going on a 10k run or an hour long spin class – but again looking at it honestly there’s usually two things that are usually the truth behind the excuse – Time and difficulty. A 10K “run” would take me a long time and I find both running and cycling hard as it’s a pounding for your legs and no matter what you try to do to try and make it interesting with mud/obstacles courses (or great music and disco lights in the case of spin) – it’s just not enough to tempt me, which bring me to my final point….
As much as people can try and sell you something – if you don’t want to do something then don’t do it!
Doing some form of exercise each day is really important, not only does it bring amazing health benefits, but it keeps you thinking healthy in making other decisions such as with your diet – but t doesn’t need to be a full on 60 minutes in a sweaty gym.
The key is to find a form of exercise you enjoy, whether that starting by dancing to your favourite song, going for a walk on your lunch break, spending more time with your loved one between the sheets, playing with your kids in the park or trying to beat the time is takes you to hoover the house – there are lots of easy and quick ways of getting your heart pumping and your body moving and 5 minutes here and there soon build up!
Who know’s maybe this time next month – you might be looking into salsa classes, self defence courses, and hiking groups and in 6 months looking to run a half marathon, join a gym or start Ju-Jitsu. Who know’s what those 5 minutes today could start.
Why not comment and let me know what you do extra for those extra 5 mins – it might just inspire someone else.
Until next time…..

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