Wi-fi Don’t Fail Me Now! Fitness on YouTube


So this week follows quite nicely on from my last piece on fitness videos. The number of PT’s, celebrities and to be fair, a surprising number of members of the general public regularly post their fitness videos on YouTube – some are full workouts whereas other show the correct technique for a particular exercise or provide hints and tips and nutrition advice – in that sense, it’s a great resource for finding new things to try or make the most of your workout or how to change/improve your diet.
There are a number of names on YouTube that have made it big in fitness the most recent being Joe Wicks (if you’ve not heard of him – think of a buff Russel Brand) he posts a number short HIIT workouts both with & without equipment on his channel The Body Coach– the channel also runs alongside his Instagram account popularised by “Lean in 15”, where he shows how to make a healthy meal in 15 second videos. His combination of  shouty, cockney “banter” and good looks have made him very popular. Controversially, while I think his workouts are great – I have a slight issue with the tagline – the “Lean in 15” – is a slight misrepresentation. The recipes naturally take longer than 15  minutes to make when you include the prep, and his workouts are actually 15 to 25 mins but some of these don’t include a warm-up or cool-down.
For over 500 full home workouts with various timings and focus, one of my favourite channels is Fitness Blender. It’s been run by a husband and wife team for the past 6 years and they do fantastic no nonsense, clear and simple videos. No fancy locations or gimmicks and there’s no music to distract you from the workout – you could always put your own music on in the background if you want to.
For those that hit the gym, there’s a couple of weight training specific channels I subscribe to: ScottHermanFitness channel is really well laid out with videos comparing exercises to find which is better, routines, supplement and technique advice and how to videos, and if you want the science behind exercises and nutrition Jeff Cavaliere of Athlean X lays it out for you straight up without any BS, and they have a sister channel Athlean XX aimed at female weight training.
I have a bit of love/hate relationship with YouTube – I have a few channels I like, but YouTube always makes suggestions of related channels you might like to try – then an idea pops into your head – “Oooh I wonder if they have any videos about Boogie Bounce classes” and that’s one of the great things – you can find pretty much any workout type you like on there – pilates, weight-training, interval, dance…. some are straight forward, others do it with a bit of humour, and can pick up some really good ideas and tips both in terms of exercise or your diet.
Even some of those old VHS videos have been uploaded so that you can enjoy them again
The unfortunate thing is that like everyone else, I fall into trap of the YouTube loop and inevitably end up watching gym fails that make me wince and wonder why the person filming didn’t stop them…. that and cat videos!
Until next time – have fun searching and hope you don’t lose your wi-fi connection!
Here’s a couple to get you started:
Fitness Blender 10 minute Abs

 Scott Herman – How to Build a Meal Plan

M.O.S. Pump It Up Dance Workout


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