Up All Night? Get fitter with SEXercise


Since last time I had a look at exercise and pregnancy, it seemed fitting to look at sex as a form of exercise!

Whilst it can have you getting hot and sweaty at times, at other times maybe not so much.

On average, simply kissing can burn 2 calories a minute but sex itself can burn between 4 and 14 calories a minute.  Of course, the actual calories burnt will vary depending on the position, whether you are being the active or passive participant, as well as your gender and weight.  The average session for us Brits lasts 24 minutes – so that’s a minimum of 100 calories – but it could also be a lot more.

If you’re keen to find out the calories you’ve burnt during your last bout in the bedroom -Superdrug have a website where you can enter you and your partner’s gender and weight, time spent in various positions and it will then produce a graph showing the calories exhausted.

Superdrug Sexercise Calculator


Taking this a more fun step further – there’s an app you can download (Android & iPhone) called “sexercise+”, which can provide details and guidance on what positions to use if you’re wanting to work on a particular muscle group, as well the ability  to log the positions used “on the go” as it were.


There are even some sites (and enthusiasts) that can provide details of how to achieve a full body workout quoting position, intensity, number of repetitions, timing and so on.

While on one had this could be seen as a bit of fun – for some, the idea of interrupting your action to check and log your next position on your phone and mentally counting a number of repetitions is definite turn-off.

Whether your love-making is a wild and passionate affair, or relaxed and intimate…  whether it’s a quickie or an all-nighter…. Sex has many more important benefits than just burning calories.

Studies have shown that it can lower blood pressure, it lowers the risk of heart attack, improves the immune system and an orgasm can even help to relieve pain (particularly cramps and headaches), and help you to sleep better.

For women sex helps to strengthen the pelvic floor muscle and avoid incontinence and for men ejaculation improves the health of the prostate.

From a Mental Health stance, sex and intimacy can also soothe away stress and anxiety, boost your confidence and self-esteem and also helps beat depression.

So whether you have a special someone or you’re on your own – there’s plenty of reasons to make time for that special kind of exercise – just make sure to keep it safe and vary those positions to ensure a full body workout!


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