Fitness Trends for the New Year

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With the new year coming up, it usually brings a whole range of resolutions – mainly to do with getting fitter and healthier but with so many different options available I thought I’d have a look at what the fitness trends are for 2016.

A survey for 2800 fitness professionals revealed at Top of the list is wearable tech. In a world that seems to revolve around social media, wearable technology has steadily evolved over the last few years and what started as a simple pedometer, can now track various different activities not just  the number of steps you take as some can also monitor your heart rate, and sleep patterns and integrate with your smartphone.  As the technology and apps  improve further and  undoubtedly get cheaper gadgets like smartwatches and bands will have a big role in peoples lives.

At number two is body weight exercises such as push-ups, squats and sit-ups. Whether it’s during a class or at home – body-weighted exercise is really convenient  and can be done at home and as no equipment is needed means that it’s also cheap. Your body needs to be able to move in all different directions and serve many functions and so is something that can be done by all ages, abilities and fitness levels and is effective for everyone, whether recovering from an injury or a sports professional.

In at 3 is Tabata or High Intensity Interval Training, where an exercise is performed at 100% effort level for a few seconds work followed by a short rest period. Whether it is simply a part of your workout routine or a specific HIIT style class like Metafit. This type of interval has been shown to boost metabolism and incrreas the duration of your bodys fat burning period. It’s been around for a few years now, but it’s popularity continues to increase due to finding it’s way into sections of other style classes like Boxercise, Cross Fit and Body Pump.

At number 4 is Strength Training. While this has always been propular with guys – more and more women are also starting to use the weights area of gyms as a means or both helping to lose weight and tone up, dispelling  myths that if women lift weights they will bulk up like men and provides many other benefits such as strong bones and reducing risk of heart disease, so just because you lift weights doesn’t now have to mean that you want to look like a body builder.

Finally at number 5 is Personal Training. A few years ago with the economy in a sorry state the number of people hiring a PT was in decline, however their use is now back on the rise. Literally anyone can come up with a workout to either lose weight or increase size and post it online (and sometimes even charge for it) but it will not be specific to your fitness level, enjoyment or abilities.  People are now starting to  realise this again and beginning to understand that nothing can beat the advice, support and motivation that  PT can offer as well as becoming savvy to the need for that PT to be suitably insured and qualified as well as being knowledgable in a  variety of different areas of fitness to meet their clients changing needs and interests.

So what takes your fancy this year?


‘Tis The Season To Be Excessive?

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It’s the season where all your hard work through the year seems to go out of the window and everyone is rushing around in a panic – which means for some, exercise goes by the wayside – the gym is already starting to get quiet and it’s only the first week of December!

Adverts show humongous feasts of food encouraging everyone to eat and drink as much as possible and even those foods aren’t exactly the best in terms of health – roasts in goose fat, extra thick cream, mince pies, cake…… everything is about excess with the excuse, that it’s about making it the best day possible.

The problem is – that it’s not just one day anymore!

The majority of advent calendars contain chocolate (though I’ve seen a few adult orientated ones that contain alcohol),you’ve then got  office parties  Christmas markets, catching up with friends and family – then theres the whole period of Christmas eve – through to new year….. it just doesn’t seem to stop.

It’s unsurprising then  that after a month of excess  that so many people then go on to make New Year resolutions to get fit and lose weight!

Now Im not going to be Mr Scrooge and tell you Bah Humbug – you can’t enjoy the season – it just takes a bit of thought.

We all know that the parties etc are going to happen so rather like going on holiday instead of forgoing the gym to go shopping – make the effort now to ramp up your exercise routine or make a slight change to your routine. For example – if you normally work-out in the evening after work – change it to early morning before work – at our gym we’ve introduced a morning bootcamp class to do just that and you can then take advantage of late night shopping or go partying in that little black number you’ve had your eye on.

In a similar vein if you would normally workout for an hour 3 days a week – maybe try doing half an hour every day. Home workouts can be just as effective – with little to no equipment – Not having the time is not an excuse.

If you have a party or event coming up – try and make sensible choices – you don’t have to choose the most calorific thing on the menu for each course. Most office parties you are provided the menu before hand so you can try to make better coices with a level head  (even if you do it for just one course!) Fish and White Meats are often a good choice (so you can still have the Turkey of you want) and then make healthier choices with the accompniaments  and desserts like boild potatoes instead of roasts, and  natural sorbet rather than Christmas pud and custard – after all you’ve still got the other parties or the day itself if you want to indulge elsewhere.

If you know that you are not going to be able to make the most sensible choices – do be good for the days leading up to and after it!

Just remember – as much as Slade would like it – it is not Christmas everyday so minimise the damage now so that for those times when you do indulge – you wont feel as guilty and you wont feel the need to punish yourself with a horrible diet which is never a good way to start a new year!

My Christmas Themed HIIT Circuit Class: