Relationships & The Gym


Last week I looked at working out with a buddy but what if that buddy was your partner?

I know a lot of single people at the gym that have this relationship goal of finding a partner that will workout with them.

The assumption is that if they go the gym then they will look after their body. They will therefore have a great diet and an awesome physique to match (which then motivates you to do more too). Its easy to understand why and the sexual undertones in a gym can be quite apparent – hot sweaty bodies, minimal clothing, not to mention some of the exercises positions (especially when working out with partner) it can be easy to see the connection and why a number of singles can see the gym as place to find a partner.

I have heard and seen it happen from time to time – however the fantasy is often far removed from the reality.

Look around the gym and you soon realise that the members are all shapes, sizes and ages – the majority of whom are there to work-out not pick someone up. Their knowledge and passion for working-out and diet could be better or worse than your own. Striking up a conversation can also be difficult as most people will be wearing headphones and making inappropriate comments or advances in the gym is very much frowned up.

If however you are in a relationship and you both enjoy exercise at some point you will try going to the gym or a class together. For the majority this will only happen once or twice – as you soon realise that you may have different goals in terms of weight loss or muscle gain and different preferences for exercise type. I know very few couples that actually exercise together fully – and even here it’s not for every session.

For most – the closest to working out they get is that they enter and exit the centre together but will go their separate ways to do their own workout.

If your partner has little or no interest in exercise – relationships can also be the biggest barrier or excuse that people use to not work out. It could be due to time required (and being apart from your partner or family), fear that you may be looking at other people or it could be partly down to their lack of understanding why you go to the gym, or even jealous of your progress.

If you find yourself in this position – it is always best to talk this through with your partner to explain why you enjoy it, or indeed that you need to go if it’s illness or injury related,  and if necessary make sure that you always have time set aside when you are alone together.

Working out with your boyfriend or girlfriend does have it’s benefits – just like working out with a buddy – but you need to appreciate that you don’t need to do every exercise together – just the ones that match your individual goals and understand that you both have different limits/abilities so try not to make it competitive. My biggest tip would be to say that exercising together doesn’t need to involve the gym it could just be going for long walks or dancing in clubs.


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