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This week I’ve been watching the folk at the gym the week and a lot of people do workout with their friends – most of them tending to work in pairs though the teenagers seem to roam the place the packs!

Working out with a friend can have huge benefits to your workout  and studies have shown that for the majority – having someone with you means that you tend to work harder.

This could be due to the support and motivation they give you as well as helping to “spot” you if you are lifting heavy weights and if they know their stuff – correcting bad technique. Especially true if your work-out partner is your Personal Trainer!

A gym buddy also helps improve your attendance at the gym as you are more obligated to go if you are working out with someone else.

A buddy can also bring new routines and ideas to your workout such as partner exercises and taking turns to work in between sets whilst the other one rests.

If you are new to fitness – going with a friend can help to overcome any potential embarrassment or anxiety you might feel and can help overcome boredom by having someone to chat to.

However, as I’ve heard a number of times, having a gym buddy can have it’s downsides – the most frequent thing I hear is how their buddy has “let them down” by not showing up or is late. If your friend can’t make a session for whatever reason, this is gonna impact you as it means you also feel less inclined to go.

It also restricts the timing of your workouts as you need to agree to a time that is suitable for you both and can take a lot of planning.

Some buddies who can become a distraction by being too chatty or less focussed and others may be the complete opposite and be really competition and jealousy can kick in

That being said working out with a friend can be both challenging and fun – especially if you lack motivation or don’t like working out alone.

The key is to find a buddy that shares your interests and goals – it’s a bit like dating – you may have to try a few before deciding if he or she is THE ONE!

Find a Buddy online here

Buddy workout routine


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