No Pain, No Gain – Scary Workouts


Since it was recently Halloween – I’ve been having a look at the scariest workouts!

It’s easy to make any work-out appear more frightening by simply adding a lot of weight or huge increase in repetitions, but the hardest individual exercises I’ve found tend to be when you combine strength & balance.

For the upper body a Tuck planch push-up is pretty darned difficult! Here you crouch down, placing your hands on the floor and your knees outside of your elbows, you then lean forward to raise your feet off the ground so that your body weight is balanced on your hands  and its from this position that you try to do a push-up!

For your lower body a set of single leg box jumps with or without additional weights is a killer!

If your looking for a scarily tough workout a HIIT class like Metafit or Insanity can be absolutely brutal if performed at your max capacity and though they are only 30 minutes, I have seen some people go all out to the point of being nauseous!

For a more traditional weight lifting workout – for the uninitiated a Body Pump class combines weight-lifting to music when the focus is on high repetitions where I have seen grown men struggle to keep up with the volume (the key is to start light – not to use what you would usually lift in the gym!).  Cross-Fit is another frighteningly hard workout – here they focus on raw strength and endurance in a highly competitive session – beware of their Murph and Filthy Fifty workouts which are extreme to say the least.

To be fair, for a beginner, the world of health & fitness can be a pretty scary place – with so many different choices, sometimes conflicting advice, equipment and machines that look more like torture devices can be really overwhelming…..  but that’s why the instructors are here to help. We can show you around the machines and help you in deciding what kind of workout or class you would enjoy.

Once you start chatting to us you’ll see that the gym isn’t such a bad place after-all and your workouts can be challenging and fun at the same time.


My Halloween Themed HIIT Circuits Class:



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