Hands Up – Volunteering for better health


Voluntary work is a great way of gaining experience within a certain field or to help support your local community or charity. There are numerous options available and the health & fitness industry is no exception.

In term of health matters – the NHS offer a huge number of volunteering options that are admin based either helping within a department office or reception, as well as a number of positions assisting professional counsellors, cairopractors, doctors and even project work.

Local charities and organisations helping the elderly, Weight Management,  as well as Mental and Physical Health conditions  also need your help – again this can either be administration based or more practically based assisting with care – where even simply visiting and chatting to someone can be a huge relief and source of enjoyment for them.

On the fitness side local councils are also on the look-out for volunteers – from assistant instructors and swim coaches for the disabled, to lifestyle groups such as running or walking groups, sport specific projects such as cycling or functional movement for the elderly as well as afterschool exercise and sports clubs for children. One of the things that I did was to help run a sports day at a primary school round the corner from me.

From health & fitness  point of view- whatever your cause – one of the biggest things you can do to help is to take part in fundraising. Many charities organise specific events throughout the UK such as the Race For Life walks for breast cancer but there are other options here too such as events like Triathalons, Tough Mudder style obstacle courses, abseiling, parachuting and bungee jumps for those brave enough amongst us to tackle them where you can raise money for any charity or cause close to your heart.

As well as the physical benefits for yourself in taking part in these activities or voluntary work it also helps improves your mental health and state knowing that your help is providing that group with much needed assistance and helping to improve the health, fitness and lives of others too.

Your local Council website will usually have a section on volunteering and where you should then be able to find those related to sports and health matters or for more health related opportunities have a look at the NHS web page or contact the local organisation or charity of your choice depending on your interests and let them know what skills you can offer.


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