7 Day Challenge – Dairy Free?


My last 7 day challenge was to try and go diary free for the week. The main reason for this, is that dairy or more specifically lactose is a known trigger for Psoriasis and having had “P” for a number of years thought I should give it a go. I’ve had tried elimination diets before in relation to my Psoriasis but dairy was one factor that I hadn’t tried as I felt that I had very little dairy produce in my diet.

How wrong I was!  It turns out I actually have quite a lot – chocolate, milk on cereal and in my protein shakes, cheese in sandwiches/salads/pizza, yoghurts…….

Over the week I tried a few diary alternatives – Almond, Coconut and Rice milks and “Alpro” Cheese.

The milks weren’t too bad a switch although I thought they all tasted “sweet”. This was fine for my cereal and shakes but I wasn’t so keen using it in my coffee.

The cheese tasted fine and was ok grated on pasta but it’s texture was a little rubbery and not great on a home-made pizza – it’s just not the same as mozzarella!!

At the end of the week it seemed to have made very little difference to my Psoriasis – I did have a feeling that it wouldn’t as I know my trigger is usually stress…..  at some point I’ll write a post on my ups and downs with Psoriasis.

Switching to dairy free products was a relatively easy process as there are plenty more options I could have tried – but as the health benefits of switching (for me personally) are very little and they tend to be a little more expensive I don’t think it is a habit I want to continue.

The experience has also shown me that I really do miss my chocolate and at least I know for sure that it is not affecting my P.

Now to think about my next 7 day challenge……   😉


2 thoughts on “7 Day Challenge – Dairy Free?

  1. Love the idea of the 7-day challenge, and this one was particularly interesting…I always wonder how much food can affect health (in ways beyond the “obvious”.) I have a question – I was recently diagnosed “iron deficient” – however I hadn’t changed my diet between my last and recent tests. They advised me to eat more “iron rich” foods, but I hate liver/kidney, would you recommend anything that I could try to include/substitute? I read that soya beans were iron rich – but not the milk, although I’ve now switched to coconut milk… but any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you xxx

    • Hi there,
      It’s true that what we eat can have huge impacts on various aspects of our health. If your GP has said you are simply iron deficient there are lots of things you can eat to boost this without the need to take supplements. Liver does have up to 6x more iron than usual meat cuts, otherwise beef, prawns and chicken are the most easily absorbed iron sources. However vegetables are a far better source, the best being kidney beans, lentils, oats, dark green leafy veg like kale and spinach. To help the body absorb more iron try to have something high in vit C at the same time like broccoli, tomatoes or orange juice. For breakfast most cereals have added iron these days. Hope that helps xx

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