Goodbye Financial Services…… Hello world!


Today was my last day working in the world of finance…..

It has been part of my life for 17 (!!) years – over that time I have had MANY roles, both back office and “front of house”, sales, admin, management….. for a number of different brands, products and companies of all sizes. I’ve been promoted and head-hunted as well as made redundant and berated.

There have been some great times and there have been very dark days – but it taught me a lot. I don’t just mean the things that you list on your CV like “communication skills” but also more about my values and beliefs.

My first introduction to the world of finance was working in an administration role, pretty much after leaving University. Like so many people, after leaving education – it wasn’t what I had thought I would be doing – but it was a job and it paid the bills.

Somehow, after a couple of years of improvements in role and salary, you just seem to have found yourself on a career ladder and not knowing anything else – you go simply along with it.

The years pass by until something changes (either gradually or suddenly) and you wonder how you ended up “here” and if this really is what you are going to be doing for the rest of your life? But what else is there? What is it that you actually want to do? Do you have the skills/qualifications? Is it too late to start again?

A lot of people can end up stuck in this rut – trapped by insecurities, finances or commitments – but you CAN break free! It doesn’t have to be the same – you can MAKE THE CHANGE!

For me it a was a gradual wearing down. I didn’t feel that I was learning anything that excited me anymore, there were no more roles that I had an interest in, but having worked in the industry for so long, I didn’t think I had a choice to be able to try something new.

It got to the point that I was so unhappy I just wanted to quit all together. Thankfully I have some amazing friends and colleagues that pointed out my skills and when I had been happiest – when I was a Trainer.

It was then during a chat with the instructor at a BodyCombat class that she highlighted the transferable skills training provided and why didn’t I look into becoming a Personal Trainer? It was this conversation that led to excited searches on the internet, speaking to instructors in the gym and my decision on making a career change.

That was just over a year ago – I quit smoking, started using my gym membership more regularly, reduced my hours at the bank, gained my level 2 qualification, got a part time job as a Gym Instructor, became a Metafit coach, passed First-Aid certification, became an insured Registered Exercise Professional and am now teetering on the verge of qualifying as a Personal Trainer and today made the final step in changing my career and quit the bank!  It’s amazing what you can do when you set your mind to it.

So while it was a sad day saying good bye to some good friends/colleagues, looking back I can appreciate the lessons it has taught me and  I know that those friendships will last and as a nice co-incidence, I have “book-ended” my time in the industry with the same company. Fate?

I can’t wait to see where the fitness industry takes me – it’s a whole new world to explore………


One thought on “Goodbye Financial Services…… Hello world!

  1. LOVED the point you make about thinking that there wasn’t any option – it’s a trap we fall into, just because we’ve been going in one direction for a while doesn’t mean we have to stay there. This is such an inspirational post – wishing you so much luck on your new (ad)venture!! xxx

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