Class Overview – Metafit


Class Type:  High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

Duration:  30 mins

Average Calorie Burn:  300 calories during and up to a further 500 afterwards!

Complexity/Difficulty: 8-10 out of 10 (for amount of effort required – the exercises themselves are quite simple to follow)

Class Size:  1-30 (varies depending on type/location)

Areas Worked:  Whole Body

Equipment: None

Music:  Beat driven/Electronic


Having recently qualified as a Metafit coach – I HAD to make this my next overview!

As their advertising clearly states – “It ain’t no dance class!”

I had been to  a couple of classes before I decided to become a coach and straight away I could see why it has become so popular in the UK and is quickly expanding across the globe.

The class consists of high intensity strength, plyometric (jumping) and core exercises using your body weight.

The class starts by an initial warm-up of mobility exercises, dynamic (moving) stretches and “pulse racers” where the instructor will run through some of the main or new exercises to be performed within the main work-out, including options to make it harder of easier so that you can decide which level is best for you.

Unlike an aerobics based class the “music” is a single, simple beat driven instrumental dance track, over which there is a voice that tells you what exercises are to be performed…..

“Welcome to your Metafit workout. Your first round will commence in 25 seconds. Your first 3 exercises are side lunges, followed by squats and then agility sprints. 5….4….3….2….1….Side lunges!”

You then get to work!

The instructor will again give a demonstration including the progressions/regression along with the class as each exercise starts, before they will then walk around, checking people’s technique and offering encouragement.  The key here is that you start at the highest version of the exercise that you can perform with correct technique and only drop down to an easier version when you start to fatigue  – it’s all about quality, full range of motion and power – NOT quantity.

Each Metafit “release” is different with variations on the exercises performed and their timings.  For example in the “Shredder” release you complete 4 sets of 3 exercises and then reverse them. Each exercise lasts 18 seconds with a 20 second rest between sets. You then complete the whole things again but with only 15 seconds rest between sets – before finishing with a full minute of push-ups!

The main workout usually last between 20-25 minutes depending on the release – it may sound easy but if you are giving it 100% – it’s fantasticly hard!

Having been to a lot of aerobic/dance classes – trying NOT to perform to the beat was difficult at first but you quickly learn to zone out so that by the end of the class, I was that focused on the technique and the instructions I don’t think I even heard the music.

Metafit’s focus is on explosive, maximum effort – so you improve/maintain lean muscle mass, and heighten your metabolism.  High Intensity Interval Training increases Resting Metabolic Rate, which in turn increases your fat burning potential.  Even better – your metabolism remains elevated for up to 24 hours :-O

Considering myself quite fit – I was surprised at how wiped out I was in such a short class – I was coughing, gasping for breath and sweating like a pig – but afterwards it felt amazing. It was such a buzz that I had survived – ha ha ha.

I should point out that this does not mean it is not a class for beginners – it is.  You work at YOUR maximum level – whether a beginner or an athlete, the instructor gives you a number of variations for each exercise.

There is a new “release” every month – so you never get bored, and it never ceases to amaze me how they keep thinking up new exercises – I’d never even heard of kneel-ups, burrower squats or spider planks before I stated Metafit.

I love it and it is why I wanted to become a coach –  it can be done anywhere, indoors or out, groups large or small and even 1-2-1.

As they say “It’s TOUGH!   That’s why it works!”


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