My plans for 2015


When I look back over the last year – overall I’m really pleased with what I have accomplished.

In 2014 I quit smoking, started exercising properly, traveled to 2 new countries (Denmark & Singapore), started this blog, researched fitness careers and………


The time seems to have gone by so fast but I’m really quite happy at the moment and feel so much fitter and positive about everything.

So onto my plans for 2015……(well – the first 6 months at least)

1. Further reduce my current work.

After my last post I already made a start on my plans for the new year – putting in a request to reduce my hours at work and am chuffed that it has been accepted with effect from the end of January and means I will be doing my current job just 3 days a week. It’s a little scary as it is quite a big drop in my income, but is just enough to still be able to cover my bills and gives me the time to be able to spend more time on my fitness plans.

2. Find Part-Time work at a local gym.

Now that I’m qualified and reduced my hours, this will hopefully give me more flexibility to find some hours work at a gym to get me some experience, creating programmes, using different machines, dealing with client fitness queries etc.  I’ve already started applying to a couple and keeping my fingers crossed about one in particular. It will also hopefully make up for some of the income I’ve lost.

3. Gain a Personal Trainer & Group Exercise qualification.

Having enjoyed the Level 2 course, I was really keen to move on to the next level. I’ve “ummed and arrrred” whether to do this with college, online or distance learning and decided that the college option is the best for me at this moment as this gives me a set time-table. Plus I’ve made some good friends on the course which provides a great support network – we all want each other to do well. After that I’d like to learn some form of group exercise class like Metafit or Circuit Training  – currently still researching/deciding what I like the most  ;p

4. Improve blog/Create website.

I’m really enjoying writing a blog, but this year I want to put more effort into it. My problem is that I’m not sure where I want it to go….  so I’m doing a lot more research on other people’s blogs and PT websites so I can understand what other people do and offer, so I can then see what I can offer that is different but still provide readers and potential clients what they want/find interesting. It’s amazing the amount of information and sites available! My little book of ideas is filling up fast!

5. Get lean.

Although I lost nearly 5% of my body fat over the last 6 months – I want to drop my body fat to 10% or below. I’d really like to have abs and be toned by the time I finish my PT course: current thinking is..

Sunday – Body Combat (cardio)

Monday – Body Pump  (strength/tone)

Tuesday – Body Combat (cardio)

Thursday – Gym (lower body)

Saturday – Gym (upper body)

But will see how it goes – it may change once I start the PT course and learn more.

I’ve also started looking properly at my diet focusing not just on calories but actually the “macros” of these ie. % of calories from Carbs/Proteins/Fats etc and trying to eat “clean” as much as possible.


It’s a little daunting looking at it all written down, but in reality I have it all broken down into smaller chunks and everything is in my calendar to remind me of what I need to be doing each day – so as they say – I’m taking it one day at a time – with my eyes on the prize of a successful career at the end of it…