Class Overview – Clubbercise


Class Type:  Aerobics

Duration:  45-60 mins

Average Calorie Burn:  400

Complexity/Difficulty: 5/6 out of 10

Class Size:  15-30 (varies depending location)

Areas Worked:  Whole Body

Equipment: None. Glow sticks are provided.

Music:  Mix of dance and R&B tracks

The concept of Clubbersise is to “bring a night out to your workout” so you should expect a darkened room with disco lights, glow sticks and dance music – just don’t expect a bar 😉

The class starts with a warm up of dynamic stretches and classic aerobic moves like grapevines, step touch etc. Before it moves onto a number of other tracks that get you moving and dancing along to popular dance, pop and R&B from the 90’s to the current day.

Admittedly I was the only guy in the class – but everyone was friendly and it was nice to see a wide age range of “clubber” (mainly 16-40). To really get the night-out feel it would have been great if the class was in a studio rather than a large sports hall, however it didn’t detract too much from the overall feel.

The routines are easy to follow and quite basic so you don’t need to worry about not being a professional dancer. It’s nothing like a dance class. It’s an aerobics class that throws in some street dance, salsa and “rave” moves.

The darkened room means that you can let yourself go and it doesn’t matter if you get it wrong as no-one can see you very well really.

The downside is that with it being quite dark is depending on the lighting, you may have more difficulty seeing the instructor so it’s just as well it is easy to follow and the instructions are clear.

The glow-sticks are an unusual addition. When you look around the room and see them all waving in rhythm is looks brilliant.  I should note they are not your usual glow sticks with luminous liquid, but battery operated ones that change colours (a bit  like the ones you see at funfairs). They are really light so they’re not difficult to use for the whole class.

Musically, it suggests club anthems but in reality it’s a variety of dance and pop music eg. Snap, David Guetta, Jessie J, Lady Gaga, Pink, Black Eyed Peas…. All the music that I like dancing to, but I wouldn’t class them as clubbing “anthems”. However, the variety of tracks mean that there’s a variety of tempos, so you will have some high intensity tracks followed by a slightly slower track so you have a bit of a breather.

The class ends with an R&B track cool-down, with moves similar to the warm up and including some stretches.

If you are experienced in aerobics classes then this may not be intense enough to make you feel exhausted by the end (you could always consider ankle/wrist weights ;p ) but overall I enjoyed the class and really liked the mix of music.

If you are new to exercise or just want to put some fun into your work-out routine then Clubbercise may be what you’re looking for.

More info/class locations can be found on the Clubbercise site:

Or for a taster – head over to YouTube:





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