Class Overview – Les Mills BODY PUMP


Class Type:  Weight training

Duration:  60 mins

Average Calorie Burn:  590

Complexity/Difficulty: 8-9 out of 10

Class Size:  15-30 (varies depending location)

Areas Worked:  Whole Body

Equipment: All provided but a mat, towel and water are essential

Music:  Mix of dance and R&B tracks

If you’re looking for a class to get you toned and build lean muscle then this is it!

The main concept behind Body Pump is resistance training using a barbell, dumbbells and body weight, using low-moderate weights but HIGH repetitions.

Before the class starts – you need to set yourself up with all the equipment you will need. This will include a step, barbell, dumbbells and extra weights.

It is YOU that decides what weights you want to lift for each muscle group and the biggest piece of advice to anyone new would be to START LOW!!  There are a number of people when they first start, choose the same weights they would be lifting in a gym session and then end up struggling halfway through the track – they key to Body Pump is the sheer number of reps – for example 120 squats is not unusual! New releases are issued every 3 months but most instructors will vary the routine every 6-8 weeks to keep it fresh.

The first track is a warm up starting with low weights using both the bar and dumbbells to run through the main lifts that will be completed.

There are 8-9 tracks during the class, with each of the tracks focusing on different muscle groups/pairs such as legs, arms, chest, back, using combinations of various lifts at varying speeds.

Before each track the instructor will advise of the equipment to be used and suggested weight alterations e.g. doubling/trebling your “warm-up” weight for the leg track etc. They will also advise on the correct form/technique throughout to make sure that you are performing the lifts effectively and safely.

The step is used as a “bench” for chest press/flyes or tricep dips – so a mat is handy to make it more comfortable.

If you have any concerns or injuries, you should also make sure to inform the instructor before you start. That way they will suggest alterations/alternatives when required.

The final tracks will focus on abs and then cool down stretches.

The music is great, the instructors really motivating and anyone who thinks that lifting weights in the gym is monotonous and boring should give it a try.  While the calorie burn may not be as high as some cardio classes – if you want something that is going to change your body shape then this is a great way.

More info/class locations can be found on the Les Mills site:

Or ask at your local gym.

Again – there’s a number of videos on You Tube if you want to see a class example:


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