Class Overview – Les Mills BODY COMBAT



Class type:  High Intensity Cardio based on Martial Arts

Duration:  60 mins

Average Calorie Burn:  737

Complexity/Difficulty: 7 out of 10

Class size:  20-60 (varies depending on location)

Areas worked:  Whole body

Music:  Varies between releases – mainly dance/club music and dance remixes of well-known tracks but they also throw in the occasional dubstep, R&B or rock track.


Anyone who reads my Twitter feed will know that Body Combat is my favorite class OF ALL TIME!  I really do love it, and always ensure that I attend at least one class a week (though I prefer two, I also want to see what else is available 😉 )

It is very high intensity cardio class based on martial arts – drawing inspiration from karate, taekwondo, muay thai, capoeria and tai chi to name a few. With each track being based on a particular style.

The class starts with a warm-up where you get to grips with the basic moves of various kicks and punches and get your mind, muscles and joints primed ready for the “fight” ahead.

There are usually 9 choreographed tracks which vary in speed and intensity so that there intervals and allow enough recovery before moving to a more intensive routine – the final two tracks being based around body weight exercises (such as planks, crunches and press-ups) and cool-down stretches.

The instructor will also go through adaptions to either make a particular exercise easier or harder (should you wish) so it is suitable for newbies and well-trained alike.

The class is a whole-body workout so it improves your heart and lung function, as well as toning muscle and helps develop your motor skills of coordination, speed and power.

Some of the reasons why I enjoy the class so much as it is very inclusive, with bodies of all-shapes and ages. Everyone seems to get along and is one of the few classes I’ve been to where a number of men also attend.

You will sweat buckets !!  This is not an easy class and some routines can be quite complex, so you do need a little coordination, but the instructor will give variations to make things a bit easier – such as squats rather than running on spot – but it’s also what makes it so good with a great calorie burn.  With a new release/track I can still be aching the next day !

The routines and tracks vary quite frequently and new “releases” are issued every 3 months – however after 8 weeks of a new release, most instructors will vary the tracks/routines by returning to a previous release – just to mix it up and make sure you don’t get “bored” before the new one is available.

For more info and to find a local class visit the Les Mills website here:


For a taster there are loads of video’s available on You Tube:



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