Variety is the Spice of Life – monthly update


Another busy month….

College has been great – I’m really enjoying the Fitness Instructor course and I am learning so much!

The number of students has increased since I first started so there’s now about 24 of us, so it’s a pretty big class. I think this has hindered their speed in completing practical assessments but overall seems to be going well.

My biggest worry was the Anatomy & Physiology section, not being great at science (even though I have Biology & Chemistry GCSEs and a Psychology Degree!) it was the sheer depth of knowledge that was required that surprised me – but I really shouldn’t have worried and passed with the highest marks in the class – such a swot – lol.

The practical assessments are also going well and I’ve been getting fantastic feedback from the tutors, so overall I’m feeling quite confident. One further exam to go next week then it’s the final practical assessments – so fingers crossed I will be a fully qualified Fitness Instructor by mid-December.

Work at the bank continues along the theme of “same old, same old” – ha ha.  My reduced hours/amended shift has now been confirmed as permanent and I’m so much happier.

My career plans for the future continue to expand and develop. My current plan is to get trained in MetaFit in Jan/Feb and start a Personal Trainer (level 3/4) course also early in the new year – so I’m busy looking at a number of providers, as I’ve decided I’m going to try the next course via distance/online learning  as it will be cheaper and I can also work at a quicker speed – now that I’ve got back into the swing of studying/revising etc.

I’ve also been playing with new logos etc for my blog/twitter – so will be uploading them soon – I think they look really fresh and professional – but any feedback/suggestions are always welcome.

Home & social life have been hectic as always with lots of meeting up with friends (old and new) and seeing family and had a great birthday (another year older/wiser).  You can definitely tell that my friends and family know where my interests lie now – so many cards/presents were fitness related – weights, dvds, shorts, t-shirts…..  brilliant!!

Also been trying some new classes. I returned to try “BodyPump” again and also tried a new class “Clubbersise” – both very different – but I’ve decided I want to try at least one new class a month and will post a review/description on here. I think it’s important that an instructor know what classes are available and what they’re like so that they can talk about them with clients etc.

Physically, I’m feeling really good – weight is still around 69kg but my body fat is now at 12.5% – so it’s still going in the right direction and my clothes are fitting so much better!

I think it’s really important to vary your fitness activities, first to make sure you don’t plateau/get bored, but also to keep your body guessing so it doesn’t get used to the same thing day in/day out.

It’s also good to remember that every waking minute does not have to revolve around exercise – fitness covers such a broad spectrum –  physical, mental, emotional……  to be truly “healthy” we need to make sure we cover ALL aspects of our well-being and I’m certainly doing my best to do that!


3 thoughts on “Variety is the Spice of Life – monthly update

    • Hi Alys,
      Thanks. I was working in a debt collection call centre as a systems and process trainer. Loved being a trainer but the phone work was soul destroying.
      Body fat down to 11.5 at the moment – put on weight over Xmas and first few months was struggling with exercise due to working 2 jobs and going to college but back on track now. Trying to get into single figures by end of the year ☺

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