Where does the time go? Progress update

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Blimey – where is the time going? Has it really been 4 weeks since my last post?!? Shocking. Apologies for the delay – I must not be so tardy!

My weekend social life over the past few weeks has been a bit hectic, with trips to Edinburgh and Glasgow (for the Commonwealth Games – which were brilliant and a great inspiration), birthday parties, BBQs and such – to the point that my diet took a bit of a hammering in terms of cake, alcohol and well lets just be honest – everything! However I did try and compensate by being extra good for the rest of the week.

Fitness activity wise I have improved – currently doing “something” four times per week – two Body Combat classes, a session at the gym, and a home gym session, as well as a 1-2 hour walk on Sundays when possible.

The weights I’m lifting at the gym I have increased by 5 kg on each machine used over the last 4 weeks – which I’m quite chuffed about, and it’s taking me a lot shorter time to recover between Body Combat tracks – which is also great!!

Weight wise I’ve only lost 5lbs, but Body Fat has dropped from 16.5% to 13.5% – which again I’m really chuffed about, but on the other hand my body measurements are pretty much the same.

This is what I’m finding quite frustrating – I’m seeing lots of improvements in terms of body fat and weight lifted – but find it hard to understand why I’m not seeing them in terms of my measurements. I’m trying to tell myself that it’s muscle replacing the fat which is why I can see drop in % but not in inches and at the end of the day I’m still just beginning, the increase in muscle size will come once the fat goes…… this isn’t a race – I’m in this for the long run!

In terms of tracking myself – I’ve calmed it down a little – I think I was going a bit overboard with the amount of details I was looking at and I don’t think tracking to that extent is good for your mental health – I was starting to get a little fixated about it!  I read a great article on it here:


In other news – I’ve had my request at work to reduce/condense my hours approved – which means from September I will have a free day during the week which I am going to use as a study day as I have also registered on a part-time Fitness Instructor course at my local college !!!   Soooo excited !!  Eeek.

While I might not be seeing huge muscle gains – that isn’t my main aim – this “journey” (such a cliche!) is about improving my health and well-being, and maybe/hopefully helping others along the way – and at the moment I’m actually quite happy with it.


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