Wk 5 Stats update – baby steps


Like a baby learning to walk – so it is with my improvements……

Diet:  No real change – no cheat days – no massive nights out… (that will change next week – ha ha) I’ve started using the “My Fitness Pal” app to track my diet/calorie intake and I’m consuming an average of roughly 2000 calories per day. Considering the daily guide for men is 2500 as well as doing exercise I should be dropping weight – but on the other hand if I’m looking to build muscle then I need to be eating more!! I’m going to continue to use it and will post a full review once I’ve used it a few weeks.

Exercise: Yay! Back to 4 sessions – Body Pump, Body Combat, Home session (30mins x-trainer 20mins free weights), Gym session 😀  Feel much better for it – starting to get used to “Pump” and remembering what weights to use for each of the tracks etc. I do need to find an easier way to keep a record of it all though and make a proper “plan” for the gym/home sessions rather than just making it up depending on what I feel like.

Weight:  Lost again this week – now at 69.4kg – seems getting back to 4x exercise sessions and “normal”  food/drink intake does make a difference – it’s easy to think that “Just this once….” won’t do any harm – how wrong that can be!

Body Fat:  down to 14.3% – Loving seeing this come down each week – I must be doing something right!

Measurements: No real changes – HOWEVER – finally lost half inch off my waist !!!!!  Didn’t think it was ever going to happen.

BP/HR:  133 over 82 and 64 bpm – slight increase in my BP but still within “normal” range if at the higher end.

Steps:  Continuing to use my activity tracker and I’m now averaging 5300 steps per day – I even had one day that was just 300 steps short of the “required” 10,000 – if I’d checked it earlier in the day I would have done something to do the extra steps – lol.

Sleep:  Have really been focusing on my sleep this week – going to bed at 11pm weeknights and by 1am on weekend and I’ve been averaging 7 hours a night with around 3 hours of deep sleep (according to the tracker). I also tried using a herbal sleep-aid – which also seems to have helped as I haven’t been waking up during the night like before – the one night I didn’t take one  – I ended up waking up and lying awake for half hour. I will continue using them again this week – but then I think I will need to stop as I don’t want to start needing to have them.

Overall then – I’m quite chuffed yes they may still be baby steps – but that’s how we all start and as we start to grow in size and knowledge we learn and are able to make leaps and bounds.



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