Wk 4 Stats Update – small improvements


They’re here somewhere……  been a bit of an odd week this week.


Diet:  No changes – HOWEVER – on Tuesday the had a free buffet at work and though tried to pick the “better” options had far more than I needed. Also this weekend we had both mine and my partner’s visiting us (the first time they have met each other) which involved several meals out, a BBQ and a lot of ice cream and alcohol – eeek!

Exercise: Went to Body Pump and Body Combat and one gym session (due to the parents visiting) but did manage to try a fitness DVD at home too (Ryan Giggs Fitness DVD – says it’s like a cross between yoga and pilates and though some of the positions I found difficult as not great at balancing on one leg after the 45 mins – just felt it was a lot of stretching – which although useful it didn’t feel like I’d had a work-out).

Weight:  70.9kg – so have put on 0.9 kg but I’m not really focusing on weight – it’s all about the fat and measurements – lol!  Even so I was a bit gutted – but I think this is more to do with the conditioning we get that weight loss is necessary when improving your health.

Body Fat: 14.7% – not a huge drop  – but still a decrease which is great considering my diet this week.

Measurements:  No changes to chest or waist but increase of quarter inch on bicep/forearm and thigh/calf – mixed results. Disappointing that the waist is not shrinking since this is where I seem to be “fattest”.

BP/Heart rate: 131 over 77 and 66bpm – so another small drop in my BP – yay !!!

Steps: Up to approx 4000 on non-cardio days and 9000 on – so roughly increased by about 1000 – having the tracker is definitely encouraging me to do more when not at gym.

Sleep: Awful week as far as sleep is concerned – still “waking up” 2-3 times a night averaging 6 hours a night – Thursday night was particularly bad woke up 3 times and was awake for 2 hours during the night – grim.  Been shattered all weekend – not sure if it’s stressing over the weekend’s events or just too hot etc.


Focus for next week:

– Keep a food diary  – I think a change in my diet may be needed if I’m going to shift this middle-age spread.

– Sleep!! – going to try and find a better bedtime routine

– Get back to the 2x classes, 2x gym sessions!






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