Pieces coming together – stats update

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Time for my weekly stats update…..

Exercise: I gave Body Pump a try this week – in a nutshell it’s a class lifting weights to music. You need a bit of prep beforehand getting a step, dumbbells, barbell and chest plate together and having been warned opted for really light weights (2kg dumbbells , 10kg barbell and 5kg chest plate) even so when it came to doing what felt like hundreds of squats & lunges, my legs were shaking like jelly by the end and were still achey 5 days later!!  Just shows how little strength I actually have in my legs – but hasn’t put me off and I’m going to give it another go.

I also went to Body Combat as usual (I’d be lost without it) and went to the actual gym twice (same routine as last time).

Diet: no changes this week again.

Weight: 70kg (down 1kg again)

Fat: 15% (down 1.3% !)

Measurements: No changes – all the same as last week.   I know its unrealistic to expect sudden increases in my muscles after just a couple of weeks, but I started off being really down about it. Maybe the first weeks figures where just mis-measurements?  A fluke?

The more I thought about i, the more I realised I don’t know what I’m actually expecting. What is a realistic increase? Should they actually decrease at first if I’m losing fat?  Doesn’t muscle weigh more than fat?

After doing a bit of google searching I found a really interesting blog by a guy called Christian Finn about it http://muscleevo.net/how-fast-can-you-build-muscle/#.U54AipRdWSo  Really interesting – and to be honest, I really just need to take a chill-pill and see how it goes. We’re all different at the end of the day and being at the “slender” end of the scale can’t be expecting massive muscle gains – not that I want to be the size of Arnie!

Piece by piece – my knowledge and thoughts on this healthy living/fitness journey I’m on are slowly coming together – I don’t know what the final “picture” is going to look like and at the moment I think there are a number of missing pieces that I will undoubtably get frustrated at, but it’s interesting all the same.


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