First success

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Today marks a whole month since I stopped smoking properly. I didn’t smoke a huge amount as my partner hates it, and most of my family even didn’t know – as it was mainly Monday-Friday at work (about 3/5 a day). You might think therefore that it should have been easy – but having smoked for so few,  for so long (off and on), I didn’t really think it was that much of a problem…. .

But something switched in my brain and after I finished the last cigarette in the packet one Friday after work – I just said to myself that I’d try giving up again.

Co-incidentally in May there were 2 bank holiday, plus I had a long weekend away planned so most of the month I was working 3/4 days a week – plus with having a job that I have no interest in I’m not as stressed anymore which has also helped.

I’m using nicotine gum and e-cigs to stop the cravings (though I was using these on top of the smoking previously!) and it all seems to be working. 🙂 though will obviously need to stop these at some point too.

Health wise I’m not getting out of breath climbing the stairs at work so much and I think it’s actually helping to improve my Psoriasis and I don’t seem to be getting quite as many spots as before. If I had known before I might have tried sooner – bur I guess it’s one of those things – you need to be in the right frame of mind – if in reality, you don’t want to quit or are not ready – then it’s never going to work.

I’m not going to say I won’t ever smoke again and I’m definitely not going to be one of those “born again” non-smokers – preaching about it and complaining at the merest whiff of smoke. If there comes a point that I really, really want one – then so be it, but for the moment I’m enjoying being smoke-free.

With the money I saved this month I treated myself to one of the new activity tracking devices – I do love a gadget 😉  and to add some stats to my current fitness kick, so will be giving that a try and will update on here of course.



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