Dawn of a new career?

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On Thursday, after an early night and going to bed at 10.30pm I woke up just two hours later feeling wide awake and really motivated – frustrated at now being in a job where I am stuck at my desk in a call-centre, speaking to the same customers week-in/week-out I was dreaming and suddenly excited about a career in fitness !?!?

Where on earth my brain came up with this I haven’t a clue – but I was lying there thinking I’d never seen any “older” trainers or many male, class instructors (though there may be a reason for that….).  I always wanted to try having a Personal Trainer but was put off as all the ones I’d seen where much younger than me and really muscular (if male) and the only alternative was to have a female PT – but I think I would personally prefer a guy.

It even got to the point that I was thinking about how I would find clients, which clubs I fancied working in, what I was going to specialize in, my company logo, website etc  and eventually I was that pumped up about it that I got up and headed to the internet to research courses, salaries, career progress etc. I was so tired when I had to go to work.

I say that it’s a surprise choice as currently I mainly have the energy of a sloth and the fitness levels to match.

The other issue I have is having been with the same employer and climbed a few rungs of the ladder, to switch to a brand new industry would mean a serious drop in salary.

Nevertheless, it’s still something that’s playing on my mind so I decided to set up this blog  – firstly as a way of tracking my progress to improve my health & fitness levels and knowledge so that if it’s still there in a few months then I need to do some more research and maybe get serious about making it a career. Secondly – if I do give it a try then this site/blog could become a way of finding/helping clients….

I told a couple of friends about it about my “dream” and setting up this site etc and got mixed reactions – some quite positive and supportive, but also a few non-believers (mainly due to my current lack of exercise  – so not that surprising  ha ha ha).

So the plan is over the next month or two, to work on improving my physical fitness and mental health and knowledge about it all (hopefully get some advice along the way) and if the motivation is still there, then who knows – maybe I will have a new career prospect – or at least a half decent blog…







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